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Awesome Wedding Dresses

My question to myself when I look through pictures of wedding dresses is, ‘will that be comfortable’. There are some dresses with tails that are just so long; one wonders how on earth the dress, plus the bride, plus the groom, plus the driver would ever fit into the car to drive away. There’s a funny image in my head of a bridesmaid trying to squish the last pieces of the dress into the car – an almost impossible task without catching part of it in the door. Let alone the mission of having to lug around all that weight - my goodness! At the end of the day, each to their own. Maybe if the tail piece was made out of a light weight, easily compactable materiel it would have a bigger appeal in my eyes, however I don’t think that that’s factored into the design of the dress.

There are so many other beautiful dresses out there; sometimes more simple is just the way to go in my opinion! 

Sunflowers for Any Event in Summer

Sunflowers are such a happy looking flower, they follow the sun as it rises in the east and sets in the west. If you’re going to be planning a birthday, Hens party or wedding for this coming summer, the sunflower is a great decorative flower. When it is combined with wood and a brown colour scheme it creates a warm rustic atmosphere and when it is combined with roses and a white or blue colour scheme it creates more of a Mediterranean elegance.

For a fun Hens party or birthday, mixing a theme of butterflies, ladybirds and bees could be really cute. There is also the creative idea of painting wine glasses and wrapping around some brown rope to add some texture. These make for lovely vases and give a feeling of the early 1900s Cubic art movement. It is something that Pablo Picasso might have done after a heavy night of drinking to lighten the air and make use of his empty wine bottles.

For peaceful and tranquil energy, placing sunflower heads in a bowl of water with some beautiful stones at the bottom is really fashionable at the moment. Whether you are using this idea with sunflowers; any other type of flower; aloe vera or a type of cactus it is sure to look lovely at the celebration.

Hopefully the happiness of the sunflower casts its smiling face onto all the guests and adds positive energy to the day.

New York Themed Corporate Event

There are so many ways to decorate a New York themed corporate event that would leave all the guests in awe. One could either go the ‘attractions’ route and have the Statue of Liberty, yellow taxi cabs, big apples, top hats and Broadway street signs all up in lights and over the top. This decor option has endless possibilities to amaze and create a fun atmosphere for all the employees that have been working really hard and just need to let their hair down.

One could also draw on the incredibly artistic and versatile aspect of New York City and fill the walls with newspaper clippings and art pieces. This would add an element of colour and creativity, maybe ideal for an advertising company or graphic design crew.

Whichever route you go, day or night, there are really wonderful decor ideas that could go with a New York themed event.

Different Ideas Instead of Confetti


A lot of venues these days don’t like confetti being thrown around how it used to be. This is because it has the same problem as fresh snow – it’s beautiful for the first twenty minutes and then it gets dirty under peoples’ feet and it looks horrible. It is also an absolute nightmare to clean up all the little pieces after all the guests have gone home.

There are some really lovely natural alternatives to confetti; one really interesting example is a butterfly release. In South Africa some butterfly releases are associated with the conservation of butterflies. The butterflies are bred with the intention of releasing them into local communities to improve the quality of eco systems and to ensure the continuation of the species. Butterflies symbolize many different things in different cultures; the Chinese for instance believe that they are a symbol of love.

Another wonderful way to celebrate a couple’s commitment into matrimony is the release of ‘white doves’. In actual fact these ‘white doves’ are homing pigeons, which are a specific breed of domestic pigeon that has been selectively bred to be able to find their way home. They used to be used in wars to carry messages and now they are being used at weddings to symbolize a couple’s commitment to love each other. Two interesting facts about homing pigeons are firstly, that they will usually have a lead pair that the rest will follow and secondly, they need light to be able to find their way home. Therefore, if you’re wanting to release ‘white doves’ at your wedding bear in mind that they would need enough daylight to find their way home.

The culture of weddings has instilled a need to throw or release something as the newlyweds walk down the aisle for the first time. It’s a sign of new beginnings and celebration. One could also give the guests bubbles to blow over the couple, which also makes for some beautiful pictures as the light catches the bubbles and disperses it into all the colours of the rainbow. If bubbles for some reason just make you feel as happy as a child on his/her birthday then using bubbles instead of confetti would be a perfect idea for you. You could even get someone to make giant bubbles, which would certainly add an attention-grabbing element for all age groups.

There are so many different ideas and they are all so lovely that maybe it’s hard to choose – maybe you could have butterflies being released by some guests; doves by others and all the children blowing bubbles. They are not very expensive and in addition all the money received for the butterflies gets put back into their conservation if you go through Butterfly Weddings.

Wedding Venues with Horses


Horses are noble creatures, meaning that they are creatures of high moral principles. People who spend a lot of time with horses say that when a horse looks into your eye they can see deep into your soul. The beauty and the power of the horse have always intrigued people. This has led to a lot of people just manipulating horses, however there is a growing, more holistic trend whereby people are starting to see how beautiful it is to engage with the horse’s mind. The heart of a horse heals and by just interacting with horses people are able to have life changing experiences. Cranford Lodge, for instance, is a place nestled in the Midlands that offers an experience of a lifetime to brides and grooms who are interested in sharing their special day with horses.

It’s certainly not everybody’s cup of tea to be around horses on their wedding day but if it calls you, then there are some magical venues to have a look at. Having a venue where there are horses roaming around would certainly make for great pictures as well as a little bit of excitement. 

You Make Me Believe in Fairy tales

Who says fairy tales aren’t true or couldn’t possibly be true? Fairy tales aren’t only for the story books and the imagination. When you are standing with your dream man; in your dream setting; in your dream style of dress and the DJ is playing that song that almost brings you to tears every time.  Then your fairy tale has come true. No one can take it away from you; that’s your moment forever. That moment is priceless, it’s a state of being that can make time slow down and hearts race – this is the power of love. Love is what makes fairy tales possible.

Vintage Decor Ideas

One of the definitions of vintage is, ‘something from the past of high quality especially something representing the best of its kind’.

When one decorates with vintage items one is decorating with a piece of history. These items all carry a story with them, they may have been passed through many hands or they may have been sitting in a dark basement for generations. They can be used to bring an eloquent feeling from the past and they can add depth to a wedding’s decorations.

The vintage birdcage idea is truly beautiful, what was once probably caging a nightingale or a canary is now being used in a really stylish modern way. Mixing the old with the new is a contrast of ages, really having the ability to make one think of how the times have changed.

What I really love though is the way that the one decorator has placed the vintage picture frames alongside the table without any picture or photo inside. The idea that no picture could be more beautiful than the view that they have there in that moment is really beautiful. They have then topped it off with the draping, crystal glassware and chandeliers – really well thought of!

Wedding Décor Lights

The lighting of a venue is a really important mood setter. Shortly before sunset one can use beautiful lighting techniques to really enhance what photographers call ‘the golden hour’ to a setting that is really magical.

There are so many cute, simple techniques such as using classic glass lanterns or maybe floating Chinese lanterns. If you have ever been to Thailand you will know that the lanterns are let go in a symbolic cleansing ritual. It is truly a great experience to be sitting on the white sand beaches with sand in between your toes as you watch a mirage of lanterns flying off into the distance. To create an impression of this type of imagery for your wedding can make a very special atmosphere as well as being functional for lighting your pathways.

A chandelier is an old time classic and always wonderful. The way that the light is gently reflected off of the array of crystals in all the incredible shades of the rainbow is truly a sight to see. It is amazing to see a chandelier above the dance floor or possibly lighting the tables.

The photograph above with the symphony of light bulbs that light the table I find particularly interesting. The simplicity and the randomness of it makes it really eye catching and gives it a feeling of a Moulin Rouge backstage theatre. It is a lovely idea for a couple that wants an original touch.

These are some beautiful ideas that will hopefully inspire your creative juices.

Wedding Dances


Dancing is an expression of celebration. Traditionally a couple that have just married will in most instances take to the dance floor later in the day and dance together for the first time as husband and wife. It depends on the culture as to what type of dance the couple will choose to do and also what the rest of the wedding party will do while they are dancing.

In the Sesotho culture it is tradition that the husband and wife will hold hands side by side and do a dance routine called ‘uchanta’. The rest of the friends and relatives will be filling the hills with beautiful joyous ululation to express their happiness at the union of the bride and groom.

In the English and Afrikaans culture, a waltz is a very typical slow dance routine. It is often favoured by the bride because she doesn’t want to trip on her long white dress. The reception may join in the dancing after a few minutes or at the end of the first song, as well as clap hands and cheer in appreciation.

There are many dance studios these days that specialize in teaching wedding routines and, depending on what style of music the bride and groom may like, will influence their first dance choice. There is the foxtrot, the merengue, the swing, the rumba, the chacha, the mamba or maybe even the very sultry tango to choose from. Some couples may like to mix it up and do their very own rock n roll or disco choreography. At the end of the day the dance style that is chosen needs to express what you and your partner are feeling in that moment as well as a bit of your individuality.

A Zulu wedding is filled with much traditional dancing and singing. The bride’s family will lead a procession of singing and dancing to the groom’s house before the wedding ceremony has started and ask the groom’s father to open the gate to them. This is a symbol of acceptance of the bride into her new family. Tradition is something incredible in itself, a timeless gem that is passed on from generation to generation.

A wedding dance will always be a special moment for a bride and groom, whether traditional or contemporary, there will always be a joyous reception and nobody will be judging the couples’ ability on a scale of ten. It is a moment to enjoy, celebrate and let your hair down.


Fun Green Corporate Gifts

When thinking about what to get your employees this year as a corporate gift, why not go green? There are so many recycled PVC products that are made in South Africa such as conference bags, tablet pouches, wrist bangles and many more. Many companies have made some really fun recycled items that are perfect for corporate gifts.

Some other interesting sustainable gifts include desk-sized wind turbines that are powered by solar energy. It seems old fashioned to have a Newton’s Cradle sitting on your desk – a heavy device that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy. It is more environmentally friendly to actually conserve our energy sources; invest in recycled products and preferably (where possible) use reusable energy. Along with desk-sized wind turbines Entrepreneur also sells staple-less staplers as the perfect new corporate gift. The surprising quote on the staple-less stapler reads ‘If every office in the UK used 1 less staple a day we would save 120 tonnes of steel a year’. Another innovative corporate gift idea is a water powered clock which, as the name suggests, uses water technology to function.

Let’s follow Ghandi’s words when he said, ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’. Going green where possible is a footstep in the right direction.