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Environmentally Friendly Options for Wedding Bouquets

Nature is beautiful, vibrant and our core source of life. Have you ever thought of exploring the wide variety of environmentally friendly bouquets available? Imagine your special day, you are walking down the aisle, a gentle breeze is blowing through your hair and the sun is kissing your face, while you are holding an olive branch or wheat bouquet. The olive branch is a well-known symbol of peace and wheat is a symbol of love, home and hearth. They are different to your typical bouquet of flowers, however no less glamorous.

There is also the possibility of an exotic fruit or vegetable bouquet, which may sound a little eccentric but once you’ve seen the creative possibilities maybe you will change your mind. The magic of fruits and vegetables is endless and will undoubtedly add a rainbow of colour and fragrance to remember.

If you feel like keeping to the more traditional but still want to remain aware of the environment, have a look at the incredible possibilities of cake or sweet bouquets or the amazingly creative paper bouquets. There are also very regal vintage jewellery or vintage fabric bouquets which could bring a sense of grandeur to your beautiful day.

These are all interesting alternatives available to the eco-friendly bride.  Just some food for thought :)

Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Cake!

We love tradition at a wedding, but at the same time we love adding new surprises and elements to wow our guests! Here are some amazingly fun alternatives to a traditional wedding cake! We love a little sweet inspiration ;)

A Sweet Affair

It is almost Easter, which is the perfect time to host a warm and elegant Tea and Roses party! This is the perfect theme for a fun Easter family day. Bringing in a variety of pastel colors together with delicious desserts – and you will have yourself a very pleasant family affair.

Easter is about spoiling yourself with decadent chocolate – so be sure to make that very prominent in your planning. It is the one time of year that you can truly have an excuse to throw a very indulgent celebration so take advantage of that.

Choose a light pastel color scheme. The wonderful thing about pastel color schemes is that you can use a variety of different pastel colors to match - not just one.  Incorporate elements of a high-tea using lots of dessert trays with beautiful flowers protruding off them, gorgeous tea pots filled with flowers, and pastel colored teacups with a delicious dessert in each one.

Most importantly – make sure you and your family  have one sweet celebration!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Toasting!

When it comes to making toasts for someone’s special day, a lot of people really get it wrong. It can either go really good, or really bad – there isn’t often an in-between. You may be absolutely clueless about how to make the perfect wedding toast, but don’t worry, these tips will help you to put together some really special words for a really special couple!

1) A toast should have character by including a bit of background, a bit of comedy, a bit of emotion, and a conclusion.

2) If you are too nervous to make up an entire toast, remember that usually someone else has already said it better – so go for a heartfelt poem.

3) Don’t speak only directly to the bride and groom, speak to the entire room. They all are listening to the story that you have to tell.

4) Try not to read from notes or index cards when making a toast. Nothing screams “unprepared” more than that. Memorize your toast and write out a few key phrases – just in case you get a little stage fright – and then try to freestyle as much as you can.

5) When it comes to the time of your toast, remember that people are there to have a good time. They don’t want to be sitting for half an hour listening to you drool on. A safe toast length would be about 5 minutes, after that some people may start loosing concentrating and start thinking about how they haven’t had a thing to eat all day yet.

6) If you make a joke and nobody laughs – own it! Say something sarcastic like “well, that was supposed to be funny” and that in itself will generally make people laugh and save you.

7) Make sure you don’t have one too many drinks before you make your toast. You want to have a little liquid courage so that you are not nervous, but you don’t want to overdo it and get sloppy and embarrassing.

8) You can’t go wrong with romance at a wedding. A line like “I knew that Tyler and Skye were a perfect fit when…”

9) End it off with a nod of support, and inviting your guests to raise a glass and toast to the happy couple.

Queen Of Hearts Party

If you have watched or read Alice In Wonderland, you will know that The Queen Of Hearts is one of the most important characters. There is something about being luxuriously crazy and extravagant that gets everybody excited! So if you are thinking about having a fun and different birthday party – this is definitely the theme for you!

Lets get started by dealing with a color scheme. The Queen wears a lot of black and red – with red being the prominent color. So when choosing the color scheme you should definitely keep this in mind.

As The Queen is the ruler of her deck of cards, this is one of the prominent elements to include in your décor design.  Just remember to stick to the “hearts” cards as you don’t want people to be confused and think your theme is something to do with Casino Royale.

When we think of The Queen Of Hearts in Alice In Wonderland, we remember her in the gardens with beautiful hedges edged off with red roses. This could be a nice element to include in your design.

Once you have your design and style down, you can start thinking of fun invitations, the food, and even entertainment options.

Here are some amazing ideas to inspire you. With these ideas, you will have everybody wanting to yell “off with her head!”

Gorgeous beach wedding set-up!

Gorgeous beach wedding set-up!

Cooking for your better half for Valentines Day? Here are a few romantic and intimate table settings to inspire you!

Cooking for your better half for Valentines Day? Here are a few romantic and intimate table settings to inspire you!

Cooking for your better half for Valentines Day? Here are a few romantic and intimate table settings to inspire you!